About me

Let me give you a little background on the Tanky wife! My name is Kajla… Yes it is spelled right! I’m a wife, mother, sister, daughter and a friend! I’m a wife to my best friend and amazing husband Devan! Speaking of my husband, he is a welder, to be specific a tank welder… Hence the word Tanky… Making sense yet?

We have been married about four years and have been together for eight years! We have a beautiful daughter and two boxers!

The life we live is amazing but very different from the average family! I thought why not start a blog about a life that should be a reality tv show! I’m kinda just joking but sometimes I say that out loud!

What makes our life so different is a tank welder works All over and you never know when they have to “drag up” and leave! I’m not talking about just Arizona (where we live)! My husband has worked in Utah, California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Wyoming! Needless to say he is gone a lot! I did have a full time job helping my dad run his auto body shop so it’s not like I can just go with him! We have both gone through some hard times being away from each other while dating, being engaged, planning a wedding, being pregnant and now being parents! I feel like our hard times or good times can help others in the similar situation so here I am!
I love to talk and I am very open about my life experiences! So maybe I can be a kick ass blogger! Probably the first thing I have ever really known about myself was that I am an observer! I watch others make mistakes and its like I learn from those mistakes as well! Sounds weird but it’s the reason I am who I am today!
I can’t wait to write about this life we live, experiences that hopefully can help others, products I love using daily, our wedding bliss, baby stuff, prego moments, wife struggles, mommy times, welding stories… Dang I’m pretty excited I have a bunch of material to share! Whoop whoop!
The Tanky Wife