Are you Enough?


Have you ever had the feeling that whatever you do isn’t good enough? What about that feeling that you need to be the best at everything? What about that feeling of disappointment or what am I going to do with my life? 

I personally have and it sucks! With social media, keeping up with all the amazing moms or wives, moms that have successful businesses, husbands putting their two cents in, having a huge life change, moving, quitting the only job I have ever known, being independent to dependent plus all the emotions women feel it’s inevitable to feel this way! 

As I write what’s on my mind my eyes tear up and my throat feels like I ate an amazing grilled cheese sandwich but can’t wash it down! It’s hard for me to write these feelings down because I’m not sad! I’m actually the happiest I have ever been but apart of me feels like I need to do more! 

You know what F it… I don’t need to do more! I have everything I could ever want right in front of me if I would just stop and look at it! I’m so sick of my negative thoughts weighing me down! I’m a badass… I’m a badass wife… I’m a badass mommy! That’s what I am! I’m proud to have tears rolling down my face as I write this! I’m blessed… I’m lucky… I am ENOUGH! 

I’m a mommy to the best little girl in the world! (When she calls me momma I melt)

I’m a wife to this amazing man!

I try to be kind

I can’t sing

I try to be thoughtful

I have learned a lot of lessons

I have seen a lot of mistakes 

I laugh

I’m a sister

I cry

I’m proud

I’m the last one to go to bed

I curse 

I’m an aunt

I’m a lover

I’m the one who plans our meals

I’m not fit

I make breakfast

I make lunch

I’m no Jennifer Aniston 

I make dinner (hubby is the grill master)

I get snacks together

I get the babies bags together

I do laundry

I make the bed

I do the dishes

I clean the house

I feed the dogs

I take care of those two shit heads

I keep my husband grounded

I also boss him around sometimes

I deal with poop

Ya I have to clean up throw up

I take the trash out

I pay the bills

I try to take care of the plants

I entertain a 1 year old all day

It might take a hour but I’ll get that baby to nap

I recycle

I’m organizing and decorating a new house

I’m a friend 

I blog about whatever I want

I try to coupon

I’m the punisher 

I try to run a clothing boutique

I’m the paranoid one

I’m responsible 



(And not alone) The mind is a powerful thing and when it turns you into a negative Nancy write down all the amazing things you do! You will quickly see that you are ENOUGH!

She calls me Momma


The Tanky Wife

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