What is happening?


It seems like in this day and age there is a lot to be worried about! What food your feeding to your family? What chemicals are you surrounding your loved ones daily? Is sunscreen even helping or making it worse? Is the water bad? Vaccinating your baby? Are diapers filled with chemicals? 

As a mom I worry about these types of questions all the time! Before I was a mom I was paranoid anyways but now I have to worry about my baby and husband! It’s insane the amount of pressure I sometimes feel when I get into my mom freak out mode!

I know you can’t worry about things you can’t control but if I can control or at least try to control the food we eat, no chemicals in my home, get my own source of sun protection, researching water, understanding vaccines and finding other alternatives to diapers I can at least know I’m doing to best for my family! 

I feel like I have mastered the sunscreen when it comes to my baby but as for us adults I really need to get it together! I haven’t had he chance to change the way we eat yet but trust me it’s gonna happen pretty soon! 

I’m just trying to say that as a mom or wife our job is 24/7 and it is exhausting so if I can find a way to make my duties easier while helping my family I WILL do it! 

I’m here to say I made my home chemical free!!! Yep I did and it was so easy! When your baby is licking the walls and floors or always touching everything and putting it in her mouth you start to wonder! 

Don't worry it's just dirty on the outside!!

I used Clorox wipes because it was easy and I thought it cleaned up everything! Nope! 

I paid for the cleaner…

I didn’t read the directions so I was using it all wrong (by the way the directions are sooooo hard and I couldn’t keep my counters wet for 10 min to kill bacteria), you need to wear gloves, eye protection, mask and keep area ventilated (fumes)!

It is a registered pesticide (yep) and my kid is licking this! If the product has an EPA number on the back it is a registered pesticide! 

Check it out here EPA.gov

Yep I was shocked and realized I’m paying money to buy stuff that doesn’t work, is harmful to myself/family and leaves a residue to attract dust which makes me clean more!!! This was not going to happen anymore NOT UP IN HERE!!! 

I then found my new cleaning supplies and it changed my life! I say that because it cleans my house faster, I don’t have to clean as often, it keeps my home chemical free, it actually removes bacteria, I don’t have to buy chemicals every month, I save money and I make an amazing paycheck for just sharing!

I have never been so strongly passionate about something like this and I can’t help but to share it with all my family and friends! I think it’s so important to have these products in your home! If you can at least cut 70% of chemicals in your home you are already helping your family! No allergies, no chemicals, a true clean home! 

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I really would love to help everyone and anyone I can! As a mom, wife and as a bossmom I’m here to talk, chat and just support one another!

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Are you Enough?


Have you ever had the feeling that whatever you do isn’t good enough? What about that feeling that you need to be the best at everything? What about that feeling of disappointment or what am I going to do with my life? 

I personally have and it sucks! With social media, keeping up with all the amazing moms or wives, moms that have successful businesses, husbands putting their two cents in, having a huge life change, moving, quitting the only job I have ever known, being independent to dependent plus all the emotions women feel it’s inevitable to feel this way! 

As I write what’s on my mind my eyes tear up and my throat feels like I ate an amazing grilled cheese sandwich but can’t wash it down! It’s hard for me to write these feelings down because I’m not sad! I’m actually the happiest I have ever been but apart of me feels like I need to do more! 

You know what F it… I don’t need to do more! I have everything I could ever want right in front of me if I would just stop and look at it! I’m so sick of my negative thoughts weighing me down! I’m a badass… I’m a badass wife… I’m a badass mommy! That’s what I am! I’m proud to have tears rolling down my face as I write this! I’m blessed… I’m lucky… I am ENOUGH! 

I’m a mommy to the best little girl in the world! (When she calls me momma I melt)

I’m a wife to this amazing man!

I try to be kind

I can’t sing

I try to be thoughtful

I have learned a lot of lessons

I have seen a lot of mistakes 

I laugh

I’m a sister

I cry

I’m proud

I’m the last one to go to bed

I curse 

I’m an aunt

I’m a lover

I’m the one who plans our meals

I’m not fit

I make breakfast

I make lunch

I’m no Jennifer Aniston 

I make dinner (hubby is the grill master)

I get snacks together

I get the babies bags together

I do laundry

I make the bed

I do the dishes

I clean the house

I feed the dogs

I take care of those two shit heads

I keep my husband grounded

I also boss him around sometimes

I deal with poop

Ya I have to clean up throw up

I take the trash out

I pay the bills

I try to take care of the plants

I entertain a 1 year old all day

It might take a hour but I’ll get that baby to nap

I recycle

I’m organizing and decorating a new house

I’m a friend 

I blog about whatever I want

I try to coupon

I’m the punisher 

I try to run a clothing boutique

I’m the paranoid one

I’m responsible 



(And not alone) The mind is a powerful thing and when it turns you into a negative Nancy write down all the amazing things you do! You will quickly see that you are ENOUGH!

She calls me Momma


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The Lake Baby guide!


The minute we found out we were pregnant people told us “well I guess no lake for you guys for awhile!” If you all know my husband that comment didn’t phase him and he was already planning our summer with a baby! I on the other hand am a paranoid freak so I was worried about everything! Now looking back on that comment I can just laugh! For all you new moms who are most likely just like I was here is some advice! YES your entire life will change BUT you can still do mostly everything you did before pre-baby! When people tell you, “awwww that sucks you can’t go to the lake anymore”… we go to the lake and go twice a month! 

I was pregnant during the summer and sure it sucked not drinking and riding jet skis but I was creating the best thing that ever happened to me! I’m just gonna add our lake weather was always 100+ and it’s freaking hot!

22 weeks Preggo

Fast forward to the next summer and we had our 4 month old baby girl at the lake! Now our first trip was late April so it wasn’t crazy hot and I was breast feeding so I didn’t drink, I didn’t stay up late and yes I worried about everything! 

Baby’s first lake trip

When you are at a super hot location I would recommend having an amazing air conditioning near by… that could be the car or the even the place your staying in! I was so paranoid of the baby overheating… ask everyone… I had the baby thermometer on her forehead every 15 minutes! I don’t even give a shit my baby was taken care of so the fact I knew A/C was close by made me just feel better! 
Water for the baby? I was breastfeeding and breast milk is 80% water so the doctor said keep doing what I was doing but I would just say… you as the mom drink lots of water to keep you and your baby hydrated! 

Sun protection for the baby? This is probably my favorite! I think I have mastered this part except when it comes to the mom and dad hahah! I forget about us as parents need protection too so I just carry lots of sunscreen! 

Well obviously sunscreen is a moms number one concern… so when your baby is 4 months old the doctor kinda was a little iffy on the sunscreen part! He just said to keep her out of the sun which is something I could do no problem! But when she turned 6 months we got the honest brand sunscreen! It’s super oily kinda but whatever my sensitive skinned baby didn’t break out so I was happy! Now that my almost one and a half year old is little miss independent… I always wonder how often I should reapply sunscreen? My mommy friend showed me these cool stickers that tell you when to reapply! You basically put the sticker on the back of the arm and apply sunscreen on your baby and sticker! Then when it’s time to reapply the sticker changes color! This is by far the best invention ever!! But I think the number one sun protection is what your baby wears! 

Sunburn alert (Walmart in sunscreen section)

We have the adorable sun hats! Keeps their head cool and face/shoulders shaded!

Next is the rash guard top! Long sleeves to keep the sun off of their new skin and it also keeps them cool! 

Sunglasses they are important for the eyes but also the most precious thing in the world.

Shader is nice to have just in case your in a location that has no shade! This shader has been amazing and I’m obsessing over it! I can tear it down and put it up by myself! Fast and easy oh and affordable! 

Light Speed (zulily $50)

Swim diapers are nice but I have found it a pain in the booty to clean when she poops! I just think I’m not down for cleaning poop out of the swim diaper but with the water diapers you can just toss them into the trash! The one thing I don’t like is when I get her lake ready at home I can’t put the water diaper on until we get to the lake just in case she pees! It doesn’t hold water just poo! 

Must haves for the lake baby… lake toys… dollar store has some now that summer is coming so if you loose them oh well it didn’t cost a billion dollars! 

Water shoes for the independent walking baby are a must… you don’t need to worry about rocks, hot ground, bugs, slipping or even ouchies! I love the water shoes I even had to get some for myself! 

Now that we live at the lake I have everything we need ready in a bag! Here are some stuff in my lake bag so we can just go in a hurry….

Water diapers


Sun stickers


Speaker for some jams


Baby hat… mommy hat

Water shoes

Extra dry outfit

Water toys

Extra swim suit


Life vest 

Sippy cup

All I have to do is get the baby in the truck, chairs, sunshade, and drinks aka ice chest! We can go enjoy the lake knowing I got it all covered! I’m pretty much a lake expert so any questions let me know! 


The Tanky Wife

Moving with a mini human!


Moving will be fun they say! Moving isn’t that bad they say! Well this momma says they probably didn’t move with a walking one year old and an impatient husband! Let me start out by saying it was all worth it in the end! I have some helpful tips or at least what not to do when moving… so let’s start from the beginning! 

So my friends this man that I married has always told me I’m a pack rat or have way to much crap! Well I can’t help it that I love memories and crafting! That being said he is 100% correct and I quickly found that out. 

Don’t let your husband name the boxes

Anyways… my impulsive husband and I decided to sell our house on a random weekend! We knew we would be leaving our town if our house sold but we didn’t really know exactly where we would end up! It was between two locations… by husbands work (he travels) or our vacation destination (we try to go twice a month). 

Well house was listed on a Sunday and sold the next day… to be honest didn’t really hit me. Mind you I worked and watched my growing baby girl who was 14 months old so ya I have all the time in the world to start packing up a home we have lived in for 8 years!

We had 45 days to figure out where we were gonna live, pick a house, pack up, wrap things up in our town, oh then i started my clothing boutique and yes it still didn’t hit me!

Old house

1. Find out where to move… luckily we had our vacation home in another state about 4 hours away to stay in if we couldn’t figure things out in time and wonderful family who would of taken us in while we figured this out!

I had planed on staying with my brother and sister in law because again it didn’t hit me and here is a fun fact… I have lived in the same town my entire life! Yep didn’t hit me we were moving away from everything I have ever known!

After visiting our vacation spot in the winter it only made us want to move there and we have always said “would be amazing if we could live here full time”.

Vacation spot

2. After you pick your vacation destination as your new home you need to find a house! So we had our small little mobile home on the lake to go to if we had to wait to find our home! We wanted a new house, big garage, I voted in a coldisac, not to far out of town, block wall already built and around a school! So I thought this would take forever to find and we would have to build a house which can take months!

My husband went after work one day to see what kind of homes were out there! I had to work and it made no sense for him to drive all the way home to go all the way back! Well my husband tried to face time me a couple houses… ya the concept was nice but was so blurry I didn’t even get a good glimpse of some houses! Didn’t hit me yet!

It turns out the perfect house was over budget and they didn’t take my husband seriously… just like everything we do! It’s pretty awesome! 

So we resorted to a smaller house, smaller garage after my husband tried to pick out every flaw in the house we couldn’t get! 

The next day my husband got a call from the house we couldn’t get and they said to write up an offer… still didn’t hit me! 

Offer excepted…. still didn’t hit me!

3. After it’s excepted you should probably see the house… Just so we are clear I have never seen the house and we were going to go up there in two weeks to see it! So I started packing boxes with a baby who likes to be all up in everything! Oh and does the opposite of what I say! Oh and the fact I was still working! Oh and my husband worked out of town… still didn’t hit me! 

Well I love Home Depot and we went to get our moving boxes there! You can also go on Craigslist to find moving boxes used for sale or even for free! But I didn’t have time for that! I mean this kid takes only a hour nap!

4. So now that you know you have two weeks to pack up some stuff to at least take something when you finally get to see your new house for the first time…you should start packing! But I didn’t… again didn’t really hit me! I was dealing with letting my boss and family know I was leaving in like 30 days! I was so worried and stressed without knowing exactly why I felt this way! I will tell you why… I was so concerned about others and how they felt about us moving!! After I told my family and dad I felt this weight that was lifted off my shoulders! I felt excited, happy, but don’t worry it still didn’t hit me!

5. When it’s a week before your moving some of your stuff out of state and your husband reserves a uhaul you really really need to put things into boxes! So I started packing… I basically started with our guest room which was more like my crap room! (I wish I had a picture to show you) Start with the things that have dust on them and you won’t need like decor! I did actually use my head once and got a clear container with essentials in it… toilet paper, paper towels, medicine, little speaker and other items! 

The morning of the day we were leaving to drop off the first load we got the uhaul trailer and filled the back of the truck up with boxes and spare mattress then started loading the trailer! This is when you hope your husbands friends love him enough to come help! The best part was we hadn’t pre packed enough stuff to fit in the trailer so we started just putting stuff in there we weren’t gonna need! 

6. When there is room for more and your husband wants to take the tvs and you still have two weeks left…. just start freaking out… they quickly stop that crazy business! 

7. Finally see the house your moving into! So two more weeks left and I was finally going to see the home my husband picked out for us! Let me tell you that drive was the longest drive of my life! I drove the truck, trailer and the baby while hubby drove his be beetle… she did good until about a hour away then decided to ruin a hub (I’m talking about a vw beetle not the baby)! Anyways I got to our home before my husband and I wanted to wait for him before I saw the house! Ya that didn’t last long because the realtors came by and opened the door! I couldn’t resist so I ran inside and couldn’t believe all the awesomeness! My house was better than the pictures or whatever my husband had said it was perfect!

The moment she was nice

8. When unloading with a mini human make sure you bring things to keep them busy! I can’t believe I thought she was going to be the best and help unload this trailer… nope she thought running was the best idea! Ya she ran into the street, wouldn’t let me pick her up, threw a tantrum when I said no, gave her an iPad to watch toonies but threw it breaking the iPad and made me feel like I just yell NO all day! Yep a disaster but it was only for a couple hours since we didn’t have much! 

9. Learn from your mistakes… so now that I knew I had to pack my entire house, drive to another state, un pack with a mini human! I knew I needed reinforcements so I called in the big guns… Lillian’s bubbie aka grandma! We set things up for her to help drive one of our trucks out and watch the baby while we unpack! Meantime I still needed to pack the house with this sweet but sour baby! I ended up doing a ton of packing at night or during nap times! Sometimes she would entertain herself while I packed some boxes but I had a ton of interruptions! I tried to name every box and be smart about packing it! Come to find out you can tell where we got a bit side tracked! 

Omg are we done moving yet?

10. Finally don’t worry about unpacking every single box right then and there! Also after your boxes are unpacked you can sell them on Craigslist or just have them recycled! In the end just enjoy the new house and try not to get caught up in all the chaos! Oh it still hasn’t hit me!! I take that as a good sign! 

New house

Long distance Valentine


Have you ever met the single people who hate Valentine’s Day? Have you talked to the wife that has been married for 34 years and they don’t celebrate that crap? What about the girl who says “awww we don’t do Valentine’s Day”? 

I know I know… why celebrate a stupid day that should be celebrated everyday? Well let’s be real when your a new mom, super busy with work, constantly cleaning, paying bills, trying to make insta friends and trying to keep yourself together, one freaking day that usually a man knows he has gotta do something isn’t something I would say no to! Especially if your lover isn’t able to be with you on Valentine’s Day!

I’m a simple kind of girl, I don’t need fancy or expensive things! I know I sound like that country song! But seriously a nice effort is all I want! 

So this doesn’t mean the man has to get the woman something and walla the day is over! It’s a mutual deal… if your dating or married, showing someone you love them is always a positive! Even if it’s on a day that the card companies made up to sell stuff and make that money!

So I’m going to tell you that I’m not sure how many times we actually celebrated Valentine’s Day together! What???? Kajla??? 

What I mean is we rarely get to spend actual Valentine’s Day together because my man is always away working to provide for us! NO he doesn’t have a secret second wife! Haha 

Being a understanding Tanky Wife I am fully committed to the way we have to live our life! People feel bad for me but I’m blessed beyond measure! So don’t! I knew what I was getting into when I married my husband and I’m trying to be the best wife I can be! 

So that being said when it comes to Valentine’s Day I have to get creative! Here are some ideas for some of you who don’t have the luxury of being with the one you love while others say it’s stupid! 

  • A card… you can buy one or hand make one! You can mail it or put it in a spot where you know he will find it and add a little surprise to the mix! 
  • A care package… this is good to put a bunch of his or her favorite stuff together in a cute little box! You can put notes on each thing and also putting pictures in there is a must! You can go sweet or naughty!
  • Little notes… I love putting little notes in random spots! I pack his bag and do his laundry so I love putting notes in his pockets! You gotta kinda know what he does all the time but i think that’s fun.
  • You can always have dinner together… via FaceTime or Skype!
  • Secret admire dinner… this is when you find out where he is going to dinner and buy him dinner or beer! Little surprises are fun!
  • If you got a man like mine he is always staying in hotels so you can call the front desk and plan something nice! He usually is staying with a co-worker so getting help is always an option!
  • Hide and go seek his present. Hide his gift and text him clues on where to find it! 
  • Have your child make him a gift too… heart melter! 
  • Surprise him or her by showing up but be careful you don’t want both of you to come up with that idea at the same time! 
  • You can always post pone the day and celebrate it when he gets home!

I gave you ten ideas that work for me and my husband’s situation! Yes I will be doing some of these… so husband if your reading this SORRY it might not be such a surprise! But I love your guts! 

Ladies one piece of advice! Do something nice and thoughtful for your man! He may not be into that mushy stuff but he will appreciate it! I use to think this is a day I should get stuff but it’s about both of you! Love is what it’s all about and who gives a shit if it’s on a day everyone else celebrates… do it anyway! There are plenty of other couples out there wishing they could have that day of love with each other! Peace and love!


The Tanky Wife

My go to baby shower gift for the breastfeeding mama!


Before I became a mommy, going to a baby shower was like going to a 80 year olds birthday party! I was excited to be apart of something so memorable but the gift giving part… I was clueless! I would usually get something off the registry because I didn’t know anything about a baby and when it was time for the mommy to be to open presents she got three of the same things that I got her! Yep registries are helpful sure, but when they are not used appropriately it’s lame!

I always love giving presents especially to sweet babies! After I had my own baby shower I felt like my baby gift giving game has stepped up a notch! 

One thing I learned for sure is every mom is different! Us mommas have our own routine, have our favorite products and have our own opinion! 

I know what I love and I just want to share with other mommas just in case it works out for them. So I start by checking out the registries! This shows me what the mom is interested in and what type of products she likes! You might see some registries that are outrageous but this one I recently saw was really really good! I was impressed! Anyways I saw some disposable and reusable nursing pads… ummm possibly interested in breast feeding!!! YES!! I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

So in my breastfeeding journey (blog coming soon) one thing that I remember being a pain in the boob was I never had what I needed next to me! 

I had a c section so the first month was a blur but I had a problem taking care of myself! So why not put together a breastfeeding basket for this soon to be mommy! 

There is no book, classes or talks that can prepare you for breastfeeding! Just a positive attitude, determination and the ability to ask for help! I just thought of things that she may need and put it all together! 

This is what I have in this basket…

– smart water (cause you don’t want dumb water… our mom brains are enough to handle)

– nurture bar snacks (seriously I wish my husband would have made sure I had snacks and water by me at all times)

– milk maid tea (to increase Lactation… taste wasn’t my favorite but I did whatever I could to make that milk baby)

– nipple cream (for those first couple weeks of pain.. then it’s all numb from there)

– journal with a pen (some mommas like to write down lists, thoughts or maybe feeding times)

– first 100 days book (cute little book to fill out when those milestones come quick) I love memories!

– disposable nursing pads (shirt savers is what I like to call them)

– my favorite burp rag that is also a bib! (Aden + Anais burpy bib)

– super cute outfits (baby clothes my weakness)

-picture frame (those moments when you may need to pump you can look at that sweet baby face to help with the let down)

– boobie bite recipe (omg super bomb snack) found on Pinterest here is the link. http://www.icanteachmychild.com/booby-bites-energy-snack-for-nursing-moms-everyone-else/

-baby book as a card (my favorite thing to do instead of a card) 

– pump bags

– gripe water (for those hiccups)

– gas drops aka secret sauce (hiccups and gas reliever) 

– some diapers to try

– a note from mommy to mommy… deep secrets in that bad boy! Just a pep talk with some other tips I found out the hard way! 

I tagged each thing with a little note and put it all together in a basket! I was super excited to give this gift and I hope I at least helped a momma out! 

So if you invite me to your baby shower and plan on breastfeeding you most likely will get this gift! Just act surprised when you open it! 


The Life of a Tanky Wife

Be easy on new moms… they are just adjusting their heart!


      Now here’s a thought… lately it seems like  people must be bored or something! I go on social media and see a bunch of complaining, hate, miscommunication or just a bunch of personal issues that probably shouldn’t even be on the internet! Social media (to me) is to have your family and friends all in one or two places to keep in touch, a great tool for your business or to stalk people! Haha… I laugh but seriously everyone does it! So you post to get stuff off your chest or get the “atta boy” comment your looking for… that’s cool, we get it! However there are those handful of people who read INTO it and completely get it wrong! Lately it seems like it is happening more often and not just to me! 

      Recently a couple of my mommy friends have been having issues with their friends or family! It mostly generates from the fabulous social media outlets! The issue seems to be friends not wanting to hang out with them now that they have kids. Another issue is people who give em shit for not trying harder to be apart of their lives! Have you ever seen this ecard? 

      Photo from ecards

      Yep I have seen it tons of times and I like to call it one of the “secret message” post! You know that post that you see and you know they are pissed or irritated you just don’t know who it is directed to! 

      Anyways… listening to these other mom’s issues, I can easily relate! It’s not easy to just get up and “be down” to do anything with a kid! I’m not gonna lie the ecard is on point… as a young woman (before kids) I didn’t realize why moms posted it! I thought “damn crazy” and thought “why is she trippin?” Well now as a mom I fully understand how these moms were feeling! Us moms are badass and we do more than we even realize! We are under so much pressure to be the best mom, wife, family member and supporter! So much pressure that we forget about ourselves! So think before you judge or try communicating before you start messing with those mom emotions! 

      In just a year into my motherhood experience I just now figured all this out and I thought I would share with people who don’t know this yet or remind you mommas how amazing you really are and that you are not alone! Being a mom is what I am meant to do in this world and it is my favorite job!

       I’m going to be clear… I’m a mommy and a wife. I no longer give a shit about what other people do or say! Doesn’t bother me! Ya it can be entertaining and you get a quick laugh but when you become a mom your on a different level! Maybe what I’m saying isn’t making sense but to me personally I see the drama, get a kick out of it and go back to my mom duties. When you become a mommy an amazing thing happens and I can’t seem to put it into words other than “you don’t give a shit” when it comes to drama.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  My number one priority is my little family’s love and happiness! 

      Well I’m not a perfect person and I am 100% sure relationships take a lot of work on both sides! My amazing aunt totally puts it all into perspective, this thing called the inner circle! Yep my inner circle is amazing and I’m so blessed! The thing about this inner circle is the fact that both sides try hard and work hard for the relationship! So you know that saying “it works both ways” comes to mind! 

      The moral of this post is this, when you have a child you gain friends, you loose friends but sometimes you might be on a break! Once your friends/family have children or they grow up a little they will understand! As a mother all you do is focus on your little family and that love intensifies times a billion! This love that I never knew existed had taken over and I don’t regret one thing about it! So don’t freak out on new moms they are just adjusting their heart! To ALL the people reading this mommy or not, just remember to treat others the way you want to be treated and communicate. One day you might be in their shoes and trust me… you want those shoes to be comfy!! Instead of dwelling and getting all emo… try communicating. I promise it makes everything a lot better.

      Ps. No this post isn’t about you!


      The Tanky Wife

      Ohhh baby skin… after 11 months I figured out our fix for dry/sensitive skin!


          As a mom I run into a few things that I have a hard time dealing with or stressing out about ( I know I’m not the only mom who freaks out about almost everything). When it comes to my almost one year old baby girl I will do just about anything to make sure she is not sad! Since she was almost two months old her skin was always a bit on the sensitive side. It was mainly just dry but a couple times she would break out from wearing a onesie. As a new mom I of course flipped out thinking what the heck? “Was it something I ate?” (I do breastfeed so my first thought always went to that!) I made sure I ate plain and drank a ton of water in hopes it was just my fault. Yep I also called the doctors office and cried! 

      3 months.. 6 months.. 10 months

      Well we ended up trying many different lotions and bath soaps as well. We started with the Johnson brand, you know the OG kind everyone buys you for your baby shower. Sure I have a ton of it, it was gifted and she smelt like that perfect baby smell but a few times using it just dried her skin out. I also tried the sleepy Johnson lotion one time and that was a bad idea. I had then decided to switch to honest! Honestly (haha) it was fine but there was no real smell and I didn’t really love using it. My mother in law found this Johnson sensitive lotion and I started using that! It hydrated her skin while smelling pretty good! I was content!

      Well as you know when you use the same lotion two times a day your bound to run out. So I thought no biggie I’ll just go grab more… well it was my luck that I couldn’t find the lotion, I looked everywhere! I grabbed what looked like the same lotion just maybe in a new bottle. I used it for three days and her skin dried out quick! Seriously not the same lotion… my bad! So we had this one night… long and terrible night! We went to take a bath before bed and I noticed some rash on her arms. So I just put her in the bath with no soap, warm water but not to warm (it makes rashes worse) and got her ready for bed like I usually do! Well let’s just say it was a night I never want to go through again! She was gassy, itching her arms so bad she scratched her self and teething! From 8 to midnight was a cry fest! I gave her another bath and put on a different outfit in that time frame. From midnight to 3 am she watched cartoons, walked all over me and was laughing like nothing happened! I don’t know I guess she wanted to party! Well luckily I was expecting a package the next day from the New organic baby line by Fenix cosmetics and Jessica hall! 

      I was on Instagram and the fabulous Jessica Hall posted something about this new organic skin care for babies/mommas! I was like how awesome is that! Oh you don’t know who Jessica Hall is? She is an amazing, down to earth mommy, radio/ tv personality and best friends with Kendra from Kendra on top! Find her on Instagram! @iamjessicahall

      Well I think it is pretty great to create your own baby skin care line and have a great, cruelty free and made in the USA company to help little mommies and babies like us figure out this skin issue! 

      So after the night from hell we get this package in the mail! Thank God and Jessica! So I was very excited and nervous to try it out! 

      First off let me just talk about the packaging! Finally soap and lotion in a pump bottle. The soap and lotion is 8 ounces of pure heaven! It seems like all the other soaps and lotions we used before was in the tube or with pop tops. I vote pump bottles! Lillian loves holding it to! 

      The soap oh the soap… first let me say a little soap goes a long way oh and the lather is perfect! It is both a soap and body wash! The smell is amazing! Seriously I’m obsessed with the smell! You can tell they put a lot of work into this product! Look at all my exclamation marks… I just love the smell!!!!

      The lotion is the best lotion we have ever used! The smell soaks into the skin and leaves it so soft! It is not greasy at all and I kinda love using it on myself. I apply at least twice a day, morning and night. My sensitive babies skin loves this lotion and it’s break out free! 

      The bottom butter balm. We honestly don’t use a lot of cream but we had no unusual break outs when we have tried it. It’s a 3 ounce tube and I would say it works to the point we don’t have to use it often! 

      Okay mommas this one is for YOU!!! The Tummy butter, oh it feels like heaven! I wish I would of had it when I was pregnant so I could of rubbed this amazing stuff on my big belly. Oh but I use it now and it’s better than that coco butter crap! It’s in a 3.4 ounce tub and comes with a tool to help get it out, so no product gets wasted under your nails! 100% karite shea butter which helps with stretch marks and the way it leaves my tummy feeling is oh so amazing! 

      I’m obviously raving about this product and highly recommend this to all the mommies out there! It’s now available online http://NurturedbyFenix.com

      Go follow @iamjessicahall and @nurturedbyfenix 

      Thank you all for taking the time to read about my struggles with sensitive baby skin and how I fixed that with Nurtured by Fenix!  


      The Tanky Wife

      The Tanky girlfriend


           So before I was a tanky wife I was a tanky girlfriend! Let’s take it back way back! I knew my husband when we were babies and I knew right then and there we were gonna be together forever! Ok ok just kidding it’s only half true! Come to find out when you live in a small town and in the auto body industry it’s not uncommon to know each other as babies! Funny how after we got together we learned that his mom worked for my dad a long time ago!

           Anyways I really knew of him in middle school! I was a goody good and I thought he was bad with his spiked bleached tip hair, braces and wearing his pooka shell necklace! But for real I always thought he was in detention and probably a class clown! He wrote in my yearbook so I knew he was in love with me! 

      Proof… he wrote in my yearbook

          Now we fast forward to high school and I saw him around but still thought the same thing except no braces, no pooka shells and no bleach spikey hair! JUST a bad boy who was in the same grade but hung out with kids I didn’t know! I can remember a specific time when I passed him at lunch and we made eye contact! Like I said he was in love with me! 

          Well let’s fast forward to age 20! This is where it gets funny! We had mutual friends and a couple ofmy crushes were really good friends with him. (I wasn’t a bro hoe or whatever people call a girl who likes a boy then likes his friend later) Let me be clear here… I was the type of girl who had crushes on boys for like years! The boys never really seemed to like me back but if they did I would quickly move along. So it’s safe to say that I was 19 years old when I had my first kiss! I know true story! I wasn’t really into just having a boyfriend and all that jazz. I knew if you were going to be my boyfriend you had to be real flippin close to being THE ONE! Well it turns out Devan would hang out with us and seemed to be around a lot! I remember him making me laugh and somehow we ended up texting each other everyday! I’m pretty sure I told him everything! Well this is where our journey started. He was off welding in Utah and he would mainly text me EVERYDAY! I know right, he totally loved me! Look he even sent selfies! 

      So it’s safe to say we started our relationship in a long distance kind of way and when he came home from Utah we finally hung out like one on one! I dragged my friend along to his friends house and he was “lanked out” (inside joke) now this moment I remember perfectly! He was wearing his purple and gold LA hat, purple and gold paisley shirt, his jeans (my weakness) and his yellow goldish Nike shoes! It was the style back then. I was sitting with my friend and he was laughing with his friend and then I knew. Dang he loves me and I totally dig it! All these past crushes instantly disappeared, I thought why not try and make this best guy friend of mine my boyfriend. I was sure he actually saw me as his best friend and he would never hurt me! 

      One of our first pictures together

          He had one heck of a crazy October that year! He bought his first house, I asked him to be my boyfriend (yes I asked him) and he turned 21! 

        October 13th was the day I signed up to be a tankys girlfriend! A marriage, a couple of dogs and a baby girl brings us here eight years later! I wouldn’t change a damn thing! 

      The Tanky Wife

      30 Days to be Thankful for!


          November is here and it’s a personal tradition of mine to post what I’m thankful for each day in the month of November! I love starting off my day in a positive way and what better way than to say what I’m thankful for! So my thankful series starts now! Enjoy my thankful friends! (Scroll down to the bottom to start at day 1)

      Thankful to keep our Black Friday shopping tradition going! I’m all about the traditions!!

      Being able to watch my baby learn and grow has got to be the coolest/best thing I could ever do! Thank you God for this amazing blessing! I get to be Lillian’s mommy! 

      Being surrounded by love ones is the best feeling in the world! Life is tough sometimes and people go through things that most people don’t know about! You feel alone but with amazing family to support you or tell you everything is going to be just fine makes me very thankful! I’m very lucky!

      So thanksgiving may be over but I’m very excited for December! It’s a big month, Christmas and a first birthday!! I’m so thankful for a thoughtful hubby, he got his girls a tree, decided on the galvanized tub (the tanky in him) he even decorated it… I don’t dare change anything about this tree! I love him

      So very thankful for the memories I try so hard to keep documented! Then I open the ornament box and I get the biggest smile on my face! I love going thru all my memories from these ornaments! 🌲

      This is real life… ALL mommy wants to do is capture memories!! So thankful for such a perfect day yesterday. A little bit emotional about her first thanksgiving! Loved everything!

      So much to be thankful for on this wonder Thanksgiving Day! πŸ‚πŸ¦ƒπŸ

      Day 23 πŸ¦ƒπŸ‚πŸ I’m very thankful for all the amazing people in my community! Doing business is difficult sometimes and when you are surrounded by great people it makes it a bit easier! I’m very very thankful for all the people who have always supported me! You all mean a great deal to me and I hope you all know it!

      Day 22 πŸπŸ‚πŸ¦ƒ thankful for this laugh! 😍 my heart is so full!
      21 days πŸπŸ‚πŸ¦ƒ and I am thankful for what goes inside this red cup! β˜•οΈOh coffee… you make me feel like a ninja mommy/wife! πŸ’ͺ🏼

      Day 20πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ‚ I’m so lucky to have this man! Yea he may be cranky or stubborn at times but he only shows his girls the sweet side! I was going through the pictures we took and found this! The look!!! 😍 oh and my darling child playing peek a boo!

      Day 19 πŸπŸ‚πŸ¦ƒ I’m very very thankful for my friend chelsi! Thank you so much for being so supportive, being my therapist and being such a great friend! Wow I’m very thankful for this beautiful soul!!! I love you!! Ps thank you for always taking pictures of my family! @chelsis_creative_photo

      Day 18 πŸπŸ‚πŸ¦ƒ I’m thankful for these two sister in laws/aunties! Thank you for all the love and spoiling baby Lillian! We love you both!!!

      Day 17 πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ‚ I’m thankful for the family I married into! My husband has a huge family and they are all such amazing people! Thank you all for always being so nice and loving! I’m so very lucky to have you guys as family!!

       On this 16th day of November my little baby is 11 months old! I couldn’t be more thankful or blessed that this sweet baby girl is all mine! I love you tons, I love you so much in fact that I even stay up till 3am so you can party like your 11 months old!!
      Day 15 πŸ‚πŸπŸ¦ƒ I have to be thankful for my habit to keep a lot of stuff! It’s not hoarding by any means! I need it! Craft supplies, stuff from my child hood, pictures, clothes or shoes (its important to keep such items)!! My husband doesn’t understand but if I need something I know exactly where it is! It’s a gift! Anyways I had this little pedal car when I was a baby and now my little girl gets to play with it! That’s why I’m thankful! Making memories!

      Day 14 πŸ‚πŸπŸ¦ƒ Being thankful for my family is a great feeling! Knowing that these people are stuck with me for life and can’t do anything about it is why I love them! Love you people more than you will ever know!!!

      On this 13th day of November πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ‚ I’m thankful for my family in Colorado! My mom, step dad and two baby brothers! I love you very much!!!

      Day 12! I’m thankful for my dogs! My two boxers have shown nothing but love and loyalty! They helped me practice being a mommy! These dogs are always going to family even tho my husband may say otherwise!  Lillian just loves her dogs! I’m so thankful they helped shape me into the mom I am today!! Oh Shaka and Tallie! 

      Image from Pinterest http://pin.it/CLFgPfM

      This very special 11th day πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ I am thankful for tons of people I don’t even know and the amazing veterans I do know! So thankful and grateful for these men and women who protects our country and flag!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

      Day 10 πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ‚I’m so very thankful to take my daughter to work so I don’t miss anything! Let me be clear I would rather not work but for the moment this is what we have to do! I grew up in an auto body shop and now my daughter is!

      Super thankful for my 1st best friend! Day 9 πŸπŸ‚πŸ¦ƒ my brother and I went through everything together growing up! I wasn’t very happy with having a baby brother when I was little but I’m so lucky I had you as my first best friend! We went through some rough stuff but look how we turned out! I think it made us who we are today and I really couldn’t be more thankful! I know our families won’t have to go through any of our childhood and I couldn’t be more proud of us both! I love you so much brother and I am very proud of who you are!!!

      I’m thankful on this amazing 8th day of November πŸ‚πŸπŸ¦ƒ for being an American and being able to exercise my right to vote! I love America! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

      Day 7 πŸ¦ƒπŸπŸ‚ I’m so very thankful to have a healthy and amazing pregnancy! Having my baby in my belly was an amazing blessing and what a miracle it is!!!

      We are so very thankful for the best mother in law/ bubbie EVER!!! So on day 6 πŸ¦ƒπŸπŸ‚ we want to brag about how lucky we are to have her! She is the best grandma to Lillian and I seriously can’t thank her enough for everything she does! We love you!!!

      On this fabulous day 5 πŸ‚πŸπŸ¦ƒ I’m thankful for our second home! Memories are very important to me and yes I take way to many pictures to make sure I don’t forget any memories made! This lake has made a lot of memories for my husband as a young kid! This is the one place we can go to escape and be together as a family!

      I’m thankful on this day 4 πŸπŸ‚πŸ¦ƒ for being able to have family time! My husband has been off for two weeks (which never happens) and we didn’t take advantage of it… I was super busy at work but we decided screw it, we out! Love road trips… we talk, sing and eat!

      Day 3 πŸ¦ƒπŸπŸ‚ I’m super thankful for my beautiful sister in law!! I didn’t know it at the time but my brother married my best friend! The support, love and spoiling she does for my family is something she doesn’t have to do! Her heart is so big and kind, I just love her tons and wouldn’t know what I would do with out her! Thank you for everything you do!!

      Day 2 πŸ‚πŸ¦ƒπŸthankfulness overload! I’m so thankful to be Lillian’s mom! It’s the most rewarding feeling in this world! I have a forever best friend and daughter! I just want to make sure her life is the best, give her all the support and love she will ever need! I thank god for her everyday! Oh and my husband πŸ˜‰          

      Day 1 πŸ¦ƒπŸ‚πŸ I wake up everyday feeling so blessed and grateful because of these two humans who are stuck with me for life! I’m so lucky to have my husband as my partner in crime! Together we created the greatest gift… our baby girl! She means the world to us and I never knew how much love she would bring into our lives! I’m one lucky tanky wife/mommy!