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Have you ever met the single people who hate Valentine’s Day? Have you talked to the wife that has been married for 34 years and they don’t celebrate that crap? What about the girl who says “awww we don’t do Valentine’s Day”? 

I know I know… why celebrate a stupid day that should be celebrated everyday? Well let’s be real when your a new mom, super busy with work, constantly cleaning, paying bills, trying to make insta friends and trying to keep yourself together, one freaking day that usually a man knows he has gotta do something isn’t something I would say no to! Especially if your lover isn’t able to be with you on Valentine’s Day!

I’m a simple kind of girl, I don’t need fancy or expensive things! I know I sound like that country song! But seriously a nice effort is all I want! 

So this doesn’t mean the man has to get the woman something and walla the day is over! It’s a mutual deal… if your dating or married, showing someone you love them is always a positive! Even if it’s on a day that the card companies made up to sell stuff and make that money!

So I’m going to tell you that I’m not sure how many times we actually celebrated Valentine’s Day together! What???? Kajla??? 

What I mean is we rarely get to spend actual Valentine’s Day together because my man is always away working to provide for us! NO he doesn’t have a secret second wife! Haha 

Being a understanding Tanky Wife I am fully committed to the way we have to live our life! People feel bad for me but I’m blessed beyond measure! So don’t! I knew what I was getting into when I married my husband and I’m trying to be the best wife I can be! 

So that being said when it comes to Valentine’s Day I have to get creative! Here are some ideas for some of you who don’t have the luxury of being with the one you love while others say it’s stupid! 

  • A card… you can buy one or hand make one! You can mail it or put it in a spot where you know he will find it and add a little surprise to the mix! 
  • A care package… this is good to put a bunch of his or her favorite stuff together in a cute little box! You can put notes on each thing and also putting pictures in there is a must! You can go sweet or naughty!
  • Little notes… I love putting little notes in random spots! I pack his bag and do his laundry so I love putting notes in his pockets! You gotta kinda know what he does all the time but i think that’s fun.
  • You can always have dinner together… via FaceTime or Skype!
  • Secret admire dinner… this is when you find out where he is going to dinner and buy him dinner or beer! Little surprises are fun!
  • If you got a man like mine he is always staying in hotels so you can call the front desk and plan something nice! He usually is staying with a co-worker so getting help is always an option!
  • Hide and go seek his present. Hide his gift and text him clues on where to find it! 
  • Have your child make him a gift too… heart melter! 
  • Surprise him or her by showing up but be careful you don’t want both of you to come up with that idea at the same time! 
  • You can always post pone the day and celebrate it when he gets home!

I gave you ten ideas that work for me and my husband’s situation! Yes I will be doing some of these… so husband if your reading this SORRY it might not be such a surprise! But I love your guts! 

Ladies one piece of advice! Do something nice and thoughtful for your man! He may not be into that mushy stuff but he will appreciate it! I use to think this is a day I should get stuff but it’s about both of you! Love is what it’s all about and who gives a shit if it’s on a day everyone else celebrates… do it anyway! There are plenty of other couples out there wishing they could have that day of love with each other! Peace and love!


The Tanky Wife

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