Moving with a mini human!


Moving will be fun they say! Moving isn’t that bad they say! Well this momma says they probably didn’t move with a walking one year old and an impatient husband! Let me start out by saying it was all worth it in the end! I have some helpful tips or at least what not to do when moving… so let’s start from the beginning! 

So my friends this man that I married has always told me I’m a pack rat or have way to much crap! Well I can’t help it that I love memories and crafting! That being said he is 100% correct and I quickly found that out. 

Don’t let your husband name the boxes

Anyways… my impulsive husband and I decided to sell our house on a random weekend! We knew we would be leaving our town if our house sold but we didn’t really know exactly where we would end up! It was between two locations… by husbands work (he travels) or our vacation destination (we try to go twice a month). 

Well house was listed on a Sunday and sold the next day… to be honest didn’t really hit me. Mind you I worked and watched my growing baby girl who was 14 months old so ya I have all the time in the world to start packing up a home we have lived in for 8 years!

We had 45 days to figure out where we were gonna live, pick a house, pack up, wrap things up in our town, oh then i started my clothing boutique and yes it still didn’t hit me!

Old house

1. Find out where to move… luckily we had our vacation home in another state about 4 hours away to stay in if we couldn’t figure things out in time and wonderful family who would of taken us in while we figured this out!

I had planed on staying with my brother and sister in law because again it didn’t hit me and here is a fun fact… I have lived in the same town my entire life! Yep didn’t hit me we were moving away from everything I have ever known!

After visiting our vacation spot in the winter it only made us want to move there and we have always said “would be amazing if we could live here full time”.

Vacation spot

2. After you pick your vacation destination as your new home you need to find a house! So we had our small little mobile home on the lake to go to if we had to wait to find our home! We wanted a new house, big garage, I voted in a coldisac, not to far out of town, block wall already built and around a school! So I thought this would take forever to find and we would have to build a house which can take months!

My husband went after work one day to see what kind of homes were out there! I had to work and it made no sense for him to drive all the way home to go all the way back! Well my husband tried to face time me a couple houses… ya the concept was nice but was so blurry I didn’t even get a good glimpse of some houses! Didn’t hit me yet!

It turns out the perfect house was over budget and they didn’t take my husband seriously… just like everything we do! It’s pretty awesome! 

So we resorted to a smaller house, smaller garage after my husband tried to pick out every flaw in the house we couldn’t get! 

The next day my husband got a call from the house we couldn’t get and they said to write up an offer… still didn’t hit me! 

Offer excepted…. still didn’t hit me!

3. After it’s excepted you should probably see the house… Just so we are clear I have never seen the house and we were going to go up there in two weeks to see it! So I started packing boxes with a baby who likes to be all up in everything! Oh and does the opposite of what I say! Oh and the fact I was still working! Oh and my husband worked out of town… still didn’t hit me! 

Well I love Home Depot and we went to get our moving boxes there! You can also go on Craigslist to find moving boxes used for sale or even for free! But I didn’t have time for that! I mean this kid takes only a hour nap!

4. So now that you know you have two weeks to pack up some stuff to at least take something when you finally get to see your new house for the first time…you should start packing! But I didn’t… again didn’t really hit me! I was dealing with letting my boss and family know I was leaving in like 30 days! I was so worried and stressed without knowing exactly why I felt this way! I will tell you why… I was so concerned about others and how they felt about us moving!! After I told my family and dad I felt this weight that was lifted off my shoulders! I felt excited, happy, but don’t worry it still didn’t hit me!

5. When it’s a week before your moving some of your stuff out of state and your husband reserves a uhaul you really really need to put things into boxes! So I started packing… I basically started with our guest room which was more like my crap room! (I wish I had a picture to show you) Start with the things that have dust on them and you won’t need like decor! I did actually use my head once and got a clear container with essentials in it… toilet paper, paper towels, medicine, little speaker and other items! 

The morning of the day we were leaving to drop off the first load we got the uhaul trailer and filled the back of the truck up with boxes and spare mattress then started loading the trailer! This is when you hope your husbands friends love him enough to come help! The best part was we hadn’t pre packed enough stuff to fit in the trailer so we started just putting stuff in there we weren’t gonna need! 

6. When there is room for more and your husband wants to take the tvs and you still have two weeks left…. just start freaking out… they quickly stop that crazy business! 

7. Finally see the house your moving into! So two more weeks left and I was finally going to see the home my husband picked out for us! Let me tell you that drive was the longest drive of my life! I drove the truck, trailer and the baby while hubby drove his be beetle… she did good until about a hour away then decided to ruin a hub (I’m talking about a vw beetle not the baby)! Anyways I got to our home before my husband and I wanted to wait for him before I saw the house! Ya that didn’t last long because the realtors came by and opened the door! I couldn’t resist so I ran inside and couldn’t believe all the awesomeness! My house was better than the pictures or whatever my husband had said it was perfect!

The moment she was nice

8. When unloading with a mini human make sure you bring things to keep them busy! I can’t believe I thought she was going to be the best and help unload this trailer… nope she thought running was the best idea! Ya she ran into the street, wouldn’t let me pick her up, threw a tantrum when I said no, gave her an iPad to watch toonies but threw it breaking the iPad and made me feel like I just yell NO all day! Yep a disaster but it was only for a couple hours since we didn’t have much! 

9. Learn from your mistakes… so now that I knew I had to pack my entire house, drive to another state, un pack with a mini human! I knew I needed reinforcements so I called in the big guns… Lillian’s bubbie aka grandma! We set things up for her to help drive one of our trucks out and watch the baby while we unpack! Meantime I still needed to pack the house with this sweet but sour baby! I ended up doing a ton of packing at night or during nap times! Sometimes she would entertain herself while I packed some boxes but I had a ton of interruptions! I tried to name every box and be smart about packing it! Come to find out you can tell where we got a bit side tracked! 

Omg are we done moving yet?

10. Finally don’t worry about unpacking every single box right then and there! Also after your boxes are unpacked you can sell them on Craigslist or just have them recycled! In the end just enjoy the new house and try not to get caught up in all the chaos! Oh it still hasn’t hit me!! I take that as a good sign! 

New house

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