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The minute we found out we were pregnant people told us “well I guess no lake for you guys for awhile!” If you all know my husband that comment didn’t phase him and he was already planning our summer with a baby! I on the other hand am a paranoid freak so I was worried about everything! Now looking back on that comment I can just laugh! For all you new moms who are most likely just like I was here is some advice! YES your entire life will change BUT you can still do mostly everything you did before pre-baby! When people tell you, “awwww that sucks you can’t go to the lake anymore”… we go to the lake and go twice a month! 

I was pregnant during the summer and sure it sucked not drinking and riding jet skis but I was creating the best thing that ever happened to me! I’m just gonna add our lake weather was always 100+ and it’s freaking hot!

22 weeks Preggo

Fast forward to the next summer and we had our 4 month old baby girl at the lake! Now our first trip was late April so it wasn’t crazy hot and I was breast feeding so I didn’t drink, I didn’t stay up late and yes I worried about everything! 

Baby’s first lake trip

When you are at a super hot location I would recommend having an amazing air conditioning near by… that could be the car or the even the place your staying in! I was so paranoid of the baby overheating… ask everyone… I had the baby thermometer on her forehead every 15 minutes! I don’t even give a shit my baby was taken care of so the fact I knew A/C was close by made me just feel better! 
Water for the baby? I was breastfeeding and breast milk is 80% water so the doctor said keep doing what I was doing but I would just say… you as the mom drink lots of water to keep you and your baby hydrated! 

Sun protection for the baby? This is probably my favorite! I think I have mastered this part except when it comes to the mom and dad hahah! I forget about us as parents need protection too so I just carry lots of sunscreen! 

Well obviously sunscreen is a moms number one concern… so when your baby is 4 months old the doctor kinda was a little iffy on the sunscreen part! He just said to keep her out of the sun which is something I could do no problem! But when she turned 6 months we got the honest brand sunscreen! It’s super oily kinda but whatever my sensitive skinned baby didn’t break out so I was happy! Now that my almost one and a half year old is little miss independent… I always wonder how often I should reapply sunscreen? My mommy friend showed me these cool stickers that tell you when to reapply! You basically put the sticker on the back of the arm and apply sunscreen on your baby and sticker! Then when it’s time to reapply the sticker changes color! This is by far the best invention ever!! But I think the number one sun protection is what your baby wears! 

Sunburn alert (Walmart in sunscreen section)

We have the adorable sun hats! Keeps their head cool and face/shoulders shaded!

Next is the rash guard top! Long sleeves to keep the sun off of their new skin and it also keeps them cool! 

Sunglasses they are important for the eyes but also the most precious thing in the world.

Shader is nice to have just in case your in a location that has no shade! This shader has been amazing and I’m obsessing over it! I can tear it down and put it up by myself! Fast and easy oh and affordable! 

Light Speed (zulily $50)

Swim diapers are nice but I have found it a pain in the booty to clean when she poops! I just think I’m not down for cleaning poop out of the swim diaper but with the water diapers you can just toss them into the trash! The one thing I don’t like is when I get her lake ready at home I can’t put the water diaper on until we get to the lake just in case she pees! It doesn’t hold water just poo! 

Must haves for the lake baby… lake toys… dollar store has some now that summer is coming so if you loose them oh well it didn’t cost a billion dollars! 

Water shoes for the independent walking baby are a must… you don’t need to worry about rocks, hot ground, bugs, slipping or even ouchies! I love the water shoes I even had to get some for myself! 

Now that we live at the lake I have everything we need ready in a bag! Here are some stuff in my lake bag so we can just go in a hurry….

Water diapers


Sun stickers


Speaker for some jams


Baby hat… mommy hat

Water shoes

Extra dry outfit

Water toys

Extra swim suit


Life vest 

Sippy cup

All I have to do is get the baby in the truck, chairs, sunshade, and drinks aka ice chest! We can go enjoy the lake knowing I got it all covered! I’m pretty much a lake expert so any questions let me know! 


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