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It seems like in this day and age there is a lot to be worried about! What food your feeding to your family? What chemicals are you surrounding your loved ones daily? Is sunscreen even helping or making it worse? Is the water bad? Vaccinating your baby? Are diapers filled with chemicals? 

As a mom I worry about these types of questions all the time! Before I was a mom I was paranoid anyways but now I have to worry about my baby and husband! It’s insane the amount of pressure I sometimes feel when I get into my mom freak out mode!

I know you can’t worry about things you can’t control but if I can control or at least try to control the food we eat, no chemicals in my home, get my own source of sun protection, researching water, understanding vaccines and finding other alternatives to diapers I can at least know I’m doing to best for my family! 

I feel like I have mastered the sunscreen when it comes to my baby but as for us adults I really need to get it together! I haven’t had he chance to change the way we eat yet but trust me it’s gonna happen pretty soon! 

I’m just trying to say that as a mom or wife our job is 24/7 and it is exhausting so if I can find a way to make my duties easier while helping my family I WILL do it! 

I’m here to say I made my home chemical free!!! Yep I did and it was so easy! When your baby is licking the walls and floors or always touching everything and putting it in her mouth you start to wonder! 

Don't worry it's just dirty on the outside!!

I used Clorox wipes because it was easy and I thought it cleaned up everything! Nope! 

I paid for the cleaner…

I didn’t read the directions so I was using it all wrong (by the way the directions are sooooo hard and I couldn’t keep my counters wet for 10 min to kill bacteria), you need to wear gloves, eye protection, mask and keep area ventilated (fumes)!

It is a registered pesticide (yep) and my kid is licking this! If the product has an EPA number on the back it is a registered pesticide! 

Check it out here EPA.gov

Yep I was shocked and realized I’m paying money to buy stuff that doesn’t work, is harmful to myself/family and leaves a residue to attract dust which makes me clean more!!! This was not going to happen anymore NOT UP IN HERE!!! 

I then found my new cleaning supplies and it changed my life! I say that because it cleans my house faster, I don’t have to clean as often, it keeps my home chemical free, it actually removes bacteria, I don’t have to buy chemicals every month, I save money and I make an amazing paycheck for just sharing!

I have never been so strongly passionate about something like this and I can’t help but to share it with all my family and friends! I think it’s so important to have these products in your home! If you can at least cut 70% of chemicals in your home you are already helping your family! No allergies, no chemicals, a true clean home! 

If you would like to learn more please email me! Click here The Tanky Wife

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I really would love to help everyone and anyone I can! As a mom, wife and as a bossmom I’m here to talk, chat and just support one another!

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